The True Racing Alternator!

In 1989, John Barrett was approached by a local racer with a power problem. He needed an alternator for his race car that was smaller, yet more reliable. Even though the racer was asking for the impossible, John was up for the challenge. He came up with a revolutionary new idea that eliminated the conventional alternator, hardware, brackets and belt. John also went one step further by inventing an alternator that weighs only 3 lbs. and uses less than 1/3 horsepower to drive. Soon after, Barrett Engineering Inc. begin manufacturing the RaceMate. During the first year of production, Barrett Engineering Inc. won S.E.M.A.'s award for "Best New Performance Racing Product."

RaceMate Facts

RaceMate Alternators are engineered with permanent magnets (no brushes), to insure the ultimate in product life and reliabilty. All RaceMate Alternators are complete systems including a new water pump for your specific application. A custom designed magnetic ring is mounted inside a special CNC machined hard anodized aluminum pulley which spins around a stator coil assembly affixed to the water pump housing.

The entire RaceMate is incorporated on the front of the water pump and produces 15 amps, (also available with 22 or 32 amps). RaceMate will maintain peek battery levels for maximum starting power. RaceMate is compatible with all high energy ignition systems.

RaceMate Prevents Total Loss

The name explains it all. Race cars that are used with no charging system. Between heats, the battery must be charged. On a total loss system, the battery starts to lose power when the engine is started. In a long race with caution laps, the system keeps getting weaker. When a race car is involed in a spin, the car may not restart due to low battery power. How many races have been lost due to a low battery?

The RaceMate Alternator is the first important charging system advancement since the introduction of the alternator. The RaceMate Alternator system is a unique, compact water pump/alternator combination assembly.